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We want to keep PoetrySoup alive, make it better, and keep it free. Please support us by disabling your ad blocker on PoetrySoup. See how to enable ads while keeping your ad blocker active. Interconnections relate families of words re-lated by polysemy, synonymy, meronymy, antonymy, and other sense relations.

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Words ending in -logy - Vocabulary List :

Delahunty and Garvey Some models and explanations of word meaningSince published dictionaries do not offer a very useful model of our lexicalcompetence, linguists have struggled to present more plausible ones. The largest unabridged dictionaries of English con-tain well over half a million entries. Clearly, however, no two individual speak-ers of a language have exactly the same vocabulary. If this is so, how can wehope to describe the vastness and variability of lexical competence? There are two basic models of lexical structure, the network modeland the componential model.

In other words, our semantic competence does notconsist of knowing definitions at all, but rather of knowing how words relateto each other. Word Meaningquently mentioned in the network literature. For further elaboration, seeCruse , The network model characterizes not just the semantic relations amongseparate words, it can also describe the relationships between the senses ofindividual words.

For instance, if you look up the noun order in a dictionary,you will find its meanings broken down by numerals and letters to includesuch different notions as: 1. Each oneof these senses enters into different network relations with the senses of otherwords. Using the N model, indicate how each of the following word pairs arerelated. Write down any difficulties you have in coming to a decision.

Using the N model, indicate the semantic relations among the wordsin each of the groups below.

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To simplify your work, write the group ofwords in a circle and draw lines between related words; label each linewith one of the network relations. Later, redraw your diagram to showrelations clearly. Delahunty and Garvey meanings are complex and can be viewed as composed of basic, indivisibleunits of meaning. These units are usually called components, though some-times you will see them referred to as features or sememes. Componentsare often regarded as pure concepts, not to be equated with the words of anylanguage, which is why they are typically written in capital letters.

Fromthis point of view, a word is essentially a shorthand way of grouping a set ofconcepts under a single label. Some of the concepts that have been proposedby various linguists as components are listed in Table 2. The com-ponents are independent of the parts of speech of the words to which theyapply. You might object that such definitions are grossly oversimplified. A validconcern. At the very least, how the components are related to each other isa very important aspect of word meaning.

These issues raise technicalities which need not detain us here. For ways todeal with them you might read work on this topic, e. It is important to distinguish between the universality of the list of com-ponents and their language specific uses. The features mentioned in Table 2are quite likely to be universal, that is, having the potential to be used in thecreation of word meanings in any and all languages.

While there may be com-ponents that are specific to individual languages, there are linguists who claimto have identified a universal set of semantic primitives. Anna Wierzbickaprobably makes the strongest claim in that regard—see Wierzbicka , for Word Meaningexample; Goddard is an accessible introduction to that style of doingsemantics.

Who Is It For?

While linguists may claim that the sets of primitives they propose are uni-versal, no one claims that they are bundled together in the same way in alllanguages. Both languages indicatethe female member of certain pairs of words morphologically: lion, lioness;lion, lionne. For an amusing compilation of words with remarkablemeanings see de Boinod You might argue that cannibal suggests primitiveness, war-fare, initiation, or absorption of the characteristics of the person devoured.

However, these are not essential components of the meaning of cannibal; acannibal is still a cannibal even if he is a highly educated rugby player. Themarginal aspects of the meaning of cannibal can be regarded as its conno-tations. The connotations of words are often variable across speakers of alanguage and typically express emotional associations.

Different words thatmay be used for the same things may convey different feelings about them;for example, woman and lady may refer to the same entities, but they conveyrather different attitudes toward them.

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Examine the words below. Which of the components from Table 2might the words represent?

Word List world

For each word, identify one component not Delahunty and Garvey in Table 2. Identify words whose meanings are represented by the followingcombinations of components. If no such word exists in English, indicatethat fact. If you know a language besides English, identify words in thatlanguage that correspond to the set of components. Examine your answers to Exercises 1 , 2 , and 3. What technicalproblems arose in applying the C model? Consider the use of NOT. Examine your analyses in Exercises 1 and 2. Do you see any cul-tural bias in your analysis or in the C model in general?

If so, what isthat bias? How would you go about correcting it within the frameworkof the C model? Describe the connotational differences among the members of thefollowing sets of words: a. Ac-tually, reasonably well though we would have to specify how the components Word Meaningcan be combined. First, we can use it to explain why some sentences aresemantically anomalous. This shows that in addition to using components todefine individual words, we can also use them to specify how words can com-bine with each other.

Such specifications are called selectional restrictions;they identify the semantic literal limitations on the components of wordsput together in close grammatical relationships such as subject and predicate,verb and object, head and modifier, etc. Semantic anomaly, in short, will re-sult when selectional restrictions are violated. Sense relations also can be described in terms of components. Wordsare synonymous to the extent that they share components.

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In simple cases,antonyms share all components except perhaps just one; e. Polysemy is explained as hav-ing at least one common component and at least one different component. Explain the following semantic oddities by noting the selectionalrestrictions that the sentence violates. Do not hesitate to use compo-nents beyond those mentioned in Table 2. Monica elapsed. John accidentally resembled his sister.

Syllabification Rules.

I lost my dog a grief ago. For each pair of words, indicate which components they share andwhich components distinguish them. Again, use components beyondthose noted in Table 2 as you need to.